Orthotics for Ankle Pain

Types of Orthotics for Ankle Pain

Choosing the right orthotic for any problem begins with a proper diagnosis to determine what type of brace or insert is required to help alleviate pain and assist in healing. If you are having ankle pain and have not experienced a trauma the pain may be attributed to underpronation or overpronation. Pronation is the side-to-side motion that your foot makes when you walk. Your body is designed so that your foot will roll inward a little with each step. If it rolls too much (overpronation) or too little (underpronation) it throws your alignment off and stresses your ankle. Overtime this could lead to additional injury to your ankle as well as foot, knee, hip and back problems. In addition to pronation issues other patients that may benefit from custom orthotics to alleviate ankle pain are those suffering from diabetes, nerve damage and circulation disorders.

Orthotics are devices worn to provide stability, support and also to prevent deformity. The orthotic can be in the form of an insert for the shoe or a type of brace. You can receive custom orthotics from a Michigan orthisist, created from a mold of your foot. There are also less expensive orthotics available over the counter at most drug stores but these generic inserts are only capable of providing cushion and shock absorption, not correcting a biomechanical problems.

The specialists at Teter Orthotics & Prosthetics in Petoskey as well as the other 19 locations can provide you with either a soft or rigid custom orthotic depending on your unique circumstances and needs. Just some of the possible orthotics to consider for ankle pain includes the posterior leaf spring ankle and foot, the floor reaction ankle and foot, the hinged ankle and foot, the rigid ankle and foot and the patellar tibia bearing ankle and foot orthotic. It is important to discuss different orthotic options with a specialist so that they fully understand your needs and are able to get you the best solution possible to alleviate your ankle pain.

Michigan residents can visit an orthotics specialist at our Petoskey, Traverse City, Grand Rapids, Cadillac or one of the other 16 Michigan locations where an experienced member of the Teter Orthotics staff will be happy to assist you in finding the correct orthotic to alleviate your ankle pain.

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