Traverse City Amputee Thriving
There are approximately 1.6 million amputees in the US today. Ryan Fettig, Teter Orthotics and Prosthetics patient, is one of them.  Most amputations are due to cardiovascular disease but other reasons include trauma, congenial issues and tumors. In Ryan’s case, he was born with tibia hemimelia, which means he lacked having a tibia, which is the major weight bearing bone in your leg.Ryan had an operation as an infant that centralized his fibula under his knee in hopes of saving his leg. That first surgery attempted to use the fibula (the lesser bone in the leg)  as a substitute for the tibia but it failed, as they typically do, and at kindergarten age he was converted to a knee disarticulation amputation.

Fettig was forced to have one last surgery at the age of nine to stunt his growth plates in order to get the mechanical knee part of the prosthesis to align with his able bodied leg.

Years later, Ryan’s family was told about Teter Orthotics and Prosthetics when Ryan’s active lifestyle managed to snap his prosthesis in half.  Ryan made an appointment and it’s been a positive experience ever since.  “I really like Teter O&P because it’s conveniently located in my hometown of Traverse City, Michigan; the staff is very friendly; and because Teter O&P is locally owned and operated, I have found help for my prosthesis even after hours.”

Continuing to research the newest technology, Teter O&P has helped many patients like Ryan Fettig have the absolute best care possible.

“Words cannot describe how Teters has made my life easier,” explains Ryan Fettig, “If I have ever had a question it has been answered. If I had a problem with a product it was taken care of. If I broke something, Teter O&P would have that part sent overnight.”

With the help of Teter O&P, Ryan’s leg amputation doesn’t keep him from enjoying many of his favorite things such as: snowmobiling, dirt biking, boating, Jeeping, water skiing, downhill skiing, kayaking, golfing and weight lifting.

Teter O&P currently serves Traverse City, Petoskey, Grand Rapids and 17 other locations.