3C100 C-Leg System

As the first and only microprocessor-controlled hydraulic knee with swing and stance phase control, the 3C100 C-Leg give amputees the freedom to finally walk without thinking about how to walk! The on-board sensor technology reads and adapts to the individual’s every move. The C-leg, which can be tailored to each individual amputee, is designed to be used with a variety of foot, pylon and adapter options.

Used by both extremely mobile individuals as well as those who need some additional stance stability, the 3C100 C-Leg is suitable for a broad spectrum of lower limb amputees.

Use of the C-Leg system is recommended for lower limb amputees weighing up to 220 lbs who have a moderate or higher functional level. The C-Leg system contains a lithium-ion battery providing enough energy to operate for a full day (25-30 hours).

NESS L300™

The NESS L300 is an advanced functional electrical stimulation (FES) system from Bioness that sends low level electrical impulses to the nerve in your leg, stimulationg muscles to lift your foot. The NESS L300 uses FES to produce movements that help people with foot drop walk and lead a more active life. Watch the Product Description movie and see live NESS L300™ Foot Drop System testimonials


Imagine a prosthetic knee system so smart that it automatically adapts to an individual’s walking style and environment, learning continuously and optimizing control over time.The RHEO KNEE® is the world’s first microprocessor swing and stance knee system to utilize the power of artificial intelligence. Capable of independent thought, it learns how the user walks, recognizing and responding immediately to changes in speed, load and terrain.

The knee adapts to any situation, and not just within pre-set and limited parameters, enabling the individual to quickly regain confidence in his or her ability to walk where and how they choose.The first product to incorporate Bionic Technology by Össur, the knee was developed in partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and takes its name from the magnetorheological fluid in the actuator that controls its motion. Simple to operate, the RHEO KNEE® is the most adaptable solution of its kind.

The i-LIMB Hand

The i-LIMB Hand is controlled by a unique, highly intuitive control system that uses a traditional two-input myoelectric (muscle signal) to open and close the hand’s life-like fingers. Myoelectric controls utilize the electrical signal generated by the muscles in the remaining portion of the patient’s limb. This signal is picked up by electrodes that sit on the surface of the skin. Existing users of basic myoelectric prosthetic hands are able to quickly adapt to the system and can master the device’s new functionality within minutes. For new patients, the i-LIMB Hand offers a prosthetic solution that has never before been available.

BioQuest Prosthetic ll

BioQuest Prosthetics is pleased to introduce the next generation of its PerfectStride II prosthetic foot system.The PerfectStride II Extreme 3 (X3) is lighter, more streamlined, and even more responsive — enabling K3 and K4 patients to walk and run more comfortably and efficiently. The PerfectStride II-X3 replicates normal human foot and ankle function by allowing patients to conserve, store and release energy. From heel strike to toe off, patients achieve increased gait velocity and gait symmetry — with the highest propulsion power ever achieved by a prosthetic foot.

Practitioners will appreciate enhancements incorporated into the X3 that lessen the weight and increase the foot’s forward propulsion power. The posterior cable fixture on the previous model has been replaced by an ultra light carbon graphite element mounted anterior and parallel to the titanium calf shank. In addition to making the foot lighter and more visually attractive, the carbon graphite element acts as an override spring to continuously capture and release energy.