Leg Prosthesis Help Soldiers

Surviving a traumatic leg amputation is only the beginning for most soldiers. Finding ways to get back to a normal life is always a priority and advancements in leg prosthesis are making that easier for many amputees. In fact, technological advancements are making it possible for veteran amputees to have a freedom of movement and balance that is significantly better than has ever been available in the past.

The military is currently looking at innovative computerized prosthesis that may work well enough for some military personnel to actually return to active duty if they want. The new prosthetic is flexible and life-like, giving the wearer the ability to move from one terrain to another smoothly. This freedom of movement is due to an intelligent microprocessor that anticipates the wearer’s actions and adjusts as if the nerves were in charge, moving the hydraulic knee and allowing a wide range of free, natural movements.

While the technological value of these computer-based limbs is noteworthy, the real value of these advancements is how they affect the lives of the soldiers who have them. These new leg prosthesis give the amputee the gift of walking with confidence much faster than with a traditional prosthesis. This is incredibly important in helping these soldiers determine what’s next for them and overcome the emotional challenges that they face. Depression is common after a traumatic amputation and finding ways to encourage optimism, positivity and a sense of accomplishment are vitally important to the mental health and well-being of combat veterans.

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