“Teter has been the best at getting my patients better. At getting them
back to their function, back to their way of life. They’ve been a
great partner.”  – Mike Carroll MD

“Mike’s dad was my prostheticist for years and when he retired Mike has taken over. He’s got a good crew of people. When something new comes out, they know that if I give it a workout it will last and I can give them a good opinion if it’s something we want or not. We’ve been doing that for years.” – George Lombard
“My goal was to be able to walk my dog again. The Bioness and
Teter have made a huge difference in my life.” -Jodi Simmer

When I was at another place..they weren’t as encouraging regarding
trying a new state-of-the-art leg. I’d heard about Todd at Teter from another amputee and came in to see what they had to offer. It’s been excellent ever since.” – Maureen Villalobos

“Thanks to Teter and the research that they did, they were able to
find me full funding for my BioNess 300, which was incredible”
– Elizabeth Wallaker