Michigan Cosmetic Leg Prosthesis

Most amputees would agree that the primary function of a leg prosthesis is to restore the amputeeā€™s ability to walk and move. Almost of equal importance, however, is how the prosthetic looks – not just to other people but to the amputee themselves. As designs for prosthetics have become lighter and more streamlined, and materials such as silicon and PVC have replaced older, heavier materials, amputees have gained the opportunity to make their new limbs unique, in some cases, have raised the simple leg prosthesis to a real art form.

A leg prosthesis is built specifically for the individual who has undergone amputation. While some are primarily functional and simple in design, many amputees choose to have the limb covered with skin like materials, making the limb look and even feel as close to the real limb as possible. The process of making a prosthetic limb lifelike is called cosmesis. One way cosmesis can be used is with covers or sleeves made of Lycra fabric, silicone, urethanes or foam. Others choose to have minimalistic modern looking prosthetics that does not attempt to camouflage itself as flesh.

The cosmetic covers created for prosthetics provide the amputee with a means to decorate the prosthesis and express their personality and individuality. Besides the artistic benefits, prosthetic covers and sleeves also provide a smooth surface, preventing long pants from sticking to the prosthetic. Prosthesis covers and sleeves are also available in firmer materials, allowing the amputee to have customized painting applied to the limb. It is not uncommon for hair, veins and tattoos to be added to a prosthetic to make it unique to the owner.

Some Michigan amputees are choosing to make a statement by selecting a prosthetic that stands out instead of attempting to blend in. These bold individuals may choose a design that compliments a sport, hobby or distinct style. They may select a shinny brass colored prosthetic cover, a minimalist modern sculpted steel look or a prosthetic customized to match their bike.

Amputation is a traumatic event with emotional as well as physical effects on the amputee. Being able to beautify and personalize leg prosthesis helps to restore the confidence of the amputee and make the prosthetic less intimidating to others. If you are interested in learning more about cosmetic prosthetics please call or visit Teter Orthotics & Prosthetics at one of the 20 Michigan locations near you.

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