Michigan Fight’s Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a disorder that damages the myelin sheath, which is the covering over the nerves. This makes the signals that the nerves typically transmit either slow down or completely stop. In most instances, it affects women in more instances than men, and it is typically diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 40 years.

The nerve is damaged by inflammation that is caused by the body as it actually attacks its own nervous system. This can begin in any area of the Central Nervous System (CNS) including the optic nerve, brain, or spinal cord.

Although much research has been done, the cause of MS still has not been determined. The most accepted belief is that a genetic defect, virus, environmental factors, or a combination of these could cause it. It is believed that people with a family history of MS are at a slightly higher risk of getting the disease.

There are many great organizations in the state of Michigan that raise money to fight Multiple Sclerosis. The money goes to research, education, advocacy, and working toward finding a cure. There are several different events and educational resources hosted by a variety of organizations for people fighting MS in Michigan.

National Multiple Sclerosis Society: This organization offers programs, online resources, education, and recommendations for people in all states including Michigan.

Bike MS: This organization originated in Minnesota 30 years ago, and is now a nationwide fundraising organization for MS. The ride goes over 2 days and is 150 miles. In the state of Michigan, the statewide donation day is September 30, 2013 this year.

MS Walk: This event supports over 400,000 people living with MS in the United States. The walk has raised over $770 million since 1988, and the funds go to supporting continued MS research and programs tailored to people with MS and their families. The MS Walk is scheduled in Midland, MI, on April 27, 2013 this year.

MS Challenge Walk: Although there isn’t a walk location scheduled for this event in Michigan this year, for those people who want to raise money for MS and want a good challenge, this is a 50-mile walk over 3 days, which is run by the same organization that runs the MS Walk. The closest location to Michigan for 2013 is Egg Harbor, Wisconsin, located in Door County. The event is scheduled from September 20-22, 2013.