Michigan Arthritis Fundraisers

Arthritis is one of those chronic health problems we have all heard about. However, not everybody has a true understanding of how debilitating this can condition can be. The state of Michigan seems to have a good grasp on the seriousness of arthritis and they have established several fundraisers to help raise money for awareness, research, and a cure. The Arthritis Foundation sponsors many of the Michigan arthritis fundraisers. Here’s some additional information about the organization and their programs in Michigan.

The Arthritis Foundation: The offices located in Michigan work to raise awareness of juvenile arthritis, as well as raising money for the 2.3 million people in the state who live with this condition every day. They host many events to raise money for this condition including The Michigan Jingle Bell Run/Walks and “Let’s Move Together” Michigan Arthritis Walks.

Many of the different cities in Michigan host these events to raise money for the cause. Some of the cities that hosted the Jingle Bell Run/Walks in 2012 included Portage, Bloomfield, Grand Rapids, and Northville. For more information on these events in 2013, check back to their website later in the year.

The upcoming 2013 Michigan Arthritis Walks are currently scheduled during the month of May in Traverse City, Flint, Grand Rapids, and Detroit. In August of this year, Downriver will be hosting a Michigan Arthritis Walk. This series of walks is the largest fundraiser for Arthritis in Michigan.

This foundation also offers exercise, aquatics, and Tai Chi classes for arthritis sufferers in Michigan. Classes are held at a variety of locations throughout the state. The website offers useful information on decreasing pain, living with arthritis, tips, signs and symptoms and treatment options.

People who are interested in getting involved in raising awareness about the devastating effects of arthritis or participating in a local fundraiser can get more information online at www.arthritis.org/michigan. People who suffer from arthritis in Michigan may have additional pain and discomfort in the winter months and during season changes, as weather and cold climates can cause exacerbations of the condition.

Many people do not realize this, but arthritis is the primary cause of disability in the United States. People are being diagnosed with this condition younger and younger, and certain types of arthritis can cause permanent debilitating issues. Raising money for research and awareness is necessary to help develop programs, treatments, and hopefully a cure for the over 50 million people in the U.S. who suffer from this condition.