Amputation in Michigan

Every year more Michigan residents undergo an amputation.  There are a number of possible causes for the amputation ranging from traumatic injury to an underlying health condition, but the amputees each face some similar challenges.  Regardless of the details surrounding the amputation a person must cope with the emotional impact of their loss and find ways to regain lost functionality.   They must discover a way to allow their new physicality to continue to reflect a positive self-image while learning how to complete everyday tasks in a new way.
Teter Orthotics & Prosthetics has been helping Michigan amputees since 1955.  Our goal is to go beyond delivering the minimum functional requirements and to use the best solutions available to improve each patient’s quality of life to the greatest degree possible.  We utilize our experience, cutting edge technology and whatever it takes to deliver solutions to our clients. Weather that means finding funding for a needed prosthetic, investing in a new prosthetic technology or trying a new approach.
Some of the prostheses we offer to Michigan amputees are lightweight carbon graphite sports prostheses, microprocessor prostheses, myo-electric upper extremity prosthesis, shower/ski/swimming limbs, Tracer Cad assisted prosthetics and mastectomy fittings. Specifically the 3C100 C-Leg System, RHEO KNEE®, and i-LIMB Hand are great examples of some of the cutting edge tools we employ to help Michigan amputees regain lost functionality.  Both the 3C100 C-Leg System and the RHEO KNEE implement microprocessors to control knee movement and the i-LIMB Hand utilizes myo-electric technology.  It responds to the electrical signals created by the muscles in the remaining limb.  Each of these impressive prosthetic developments provide patients with empowering options that were never available before.
At Teter Orthotics & Prosthetics we have a reputation for doing whatever it takes.  Maureen Villalobos of Michigan is a patient at Teter Orthotics & Prosthetics.  She says, “When I was at another place… they weren’t as encouraging regarding trying a new state-of-the-art leg.  I’d heard about Todd at Teter from another amputee and came in to see what they had to offer.  It’s been excellent ever since.”  We look forward to helping you raise the bar and reach your true potential.  Please stop in and visit us at one of our 20 Michigan locations.
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