Grand Rapids Prosthetics & Support Help Young Amputees

For generations, children and adolescent amputees and those with limb differences have gone to Grand Rapids, MI for prosthetics and support to help them improve their function and live an active lifestyle.

The Mary Free Bed Center for Limb Differences (formerly called the Mary Free Bed Amputee Clinic) has been offering exceptional care and rehabilitation services to children since 1946. It was the first American program to specialize in offering these services to infants, children and adolescents who were born with limb differences or lost a limb through accident or amputation.

Independence and Ability

With a mission to restore hope and freedom, the Mary Free Bed Center for Limb Differences is an important national program to assist children who have limb differences due to congenital defects, disease or accident. With the help of the professionals who work at the center, children from infancy to young adulthood learn how to achieve independence while using the latest advancements in prosthetic limbs.

Teter Orthotics & Prosthetics, Inc. is a Michigan-based company providing the best care in orthotics and prosthetics to Northern Michigan for over 45 years. Their dedicated staff members include Certified Orthotists and Prosthetists plus a full complement of trained technical support crew. Teter Orthotics & Prosthetics, Inc. has 19 locations across the state of Michigan including Grand Rapids. They provide support to children with limb differences through local hospitals, extended care facilities and clinics.

Quality Care Makes a Difference

Michigan children with limb differences benefit from the excellent care and early intervention and therapies offered by the Mary Free Bed Center for Limb Differences and Teter Orthotics Prosthetics as well as other quality care facilities.

Advancements in the types of prosthetic devices have made headline news with Paralympic athletes winning gold with super running foot prosthetics. Here at home in Michigan, children are fitted for prosthetics by the caring staff members from Teter Orthotics & Prosthetics, Grand Rapids who understand the needs of pediatric clients and concerns of their parents.

The support services at the Mary Free Bed Center for Limb Differences give children from birth to age 18 the support and resource information their families require.

Focus on Ability

With the right support, children with limb differences have the same limitless potential as their peers. A recent story in the Cheboygan News chronicled the success of Cheboygan County general counsel Bryan E. Graham, a former patient of the Mary Free Bed Center who was born without arms. Now in his mid-50s, Graham studied law at the University of Notre Dame and is a partner in a Bellaire law firm.

In the article Graham discusses how he went to the Grand Rapids, Michigan center at just six weeks of age and his progress as he grew into his teens was documented to help teachers and researchers.  The experts surmise he was born without arms perhaps because his mother, who was a teacher, was exposed to Rubella during her pregnancy. Graham regularly returned to the Mary Free Bed Center for support and services until he was an adult.
Being with other children in similar situations was helpful, he says in the article, because, “They brought us together to learn from each other.”