Foot Orthotics Alleviate Knee Pain

Knee pain often results from improper function of the feet. Poor positioning can impact the knee, hip and lower back. The misalignment impacts the knee by stressing the ligaments, tendons and cartilage. It can result in both inflammation, sharp pain in the knee area and a grinding sensation. Orthotics are devices worn to correct skeletal misalignments, provide stability, support and prevent deformity. The orthotic can be in the form of an insert for the shoe or a type of brace.
Custom foot orthotics provided by an orthopedist can solve the underlying pronation issues that are leading to kneepain by changing the distribution of force though your leg from the foot to the ankle and hip, changing how the force is applied to the knee. Most people suffer from some degree of overpronation.   If you take notice as to where you shoes wear out first, you can determine if you leg and foot turns excessively inward or outward and this will help you and your doctor determine if an orthotic is needed and what type is necessary.
Orthotics are made from a variety of materials. The best material for you depends on what kind of orthotic you are getting and its purpose. Soft orthotics are great for shock absorption while semi-rigid orthotics are better when you need maximum stability or support.  Only a custom orthotic provided by an orthopedist can ensure that any pronation issues or skeletal imbalances are corrected.  Custom-made orthotics are made to fit your unique shape and provide the correct amount of shock absorption, stability and support.
Several studies have shown that patients experience dramatic and sustainable improvements in knee pain when utilizing custom orthotics, especially in conjunction with physical therapy. Many athletes rely on their custom foot orthotics to improve performance, alleviate knee pain and to prevent injury. If your skeletal frame is misaligned due to a less than optimal foot strike it isn’t necessary to play sports to cause knee pain.  The strain that the misalignment places on your knee can make even everyday activities painful.
If you experience knee pain and suspect that it may be due to over or underpronation call or visit one of our 21Michigan locations so that we can provide you with a professional evaluation and present some helpful options for eliminating your knee pain.
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