Facts About Foot Drop

Did you know:

•    Foot drop isn’t a disease.  It’s actually a term used to describe an underlying condition in which nerve damage prevents the muscles in the leg from effectively raising the foot at the ankle. This causes difficulty in walking.

•    Foot drop suffers must lift his or her leg higher than usual in order for the toes to clear the ground or for the person to swing their foot to the side making walking challenging especially walking up stairs or up or down hills.

•    Foot drop can be temporary or permanent depending on the cause of the nerve damage.

•    The causes of foot drop include diseases, disorders and injury that affect the brain and cause muscle problems such as cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and stroke. Polio, ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease and muscular dystrophy may also lead to foot drop.  The most common causes of foot drop are damage to the peroneal nerve, which passes across the fibular bone behind the knee.

•    Treatment for foot drop depends on the causes of the condition. If the foot drop is the result of an injury to the nervous system, surgery to correct the injury will relieve the foot drop.  If the individual with foot drop is suffering from an untreatable condition or illness then physical therapy and orthotics may be used to treat the condition and improve mobility.

•    Orthotics for foot drop include the ankle foot orthosis (AFO) and electronic foot stimulation.  The AFO is a brace that provides support to the foot and ankle.  There are many different styles of AFOs to choose from. An electronic foot stimulation unit like the Bioness NESS L300 uses mild electronic impulses to stimulate the nerve that controls the muscles that lift the foot.

•    If you suffer from foot drop you may be eligible for disability benefits.

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