How the Bioness has Changed Orthotics

For individuals with foot drop, finding a way to walk with increased speed and balance is always a primary concern. Orthotic shoes and boots are usually used to help people with neurological diseases and injuries support and brace the foot, allowing more stable walking and decreasing pain and discomfort. Individuals with this particular type of foot drop can greatly benefit from orthotics featuring functional electrical stimulation, or FES. The FES technology allows the individual to achieve a more natural gait, wear a less restrictive orthotic and rehabilitate muscles while providing the assistance that they need. The Bioness foot drop system is a very successful example of this type of system.

The NESS L300 foot drop system is a high tech orthotic that can be programmed to deliver an electrical stimulation to the nerves and muscles of the leg that control the movement of the foot. These electrical charges trigger the nerves and muscles to lift the foot and help to improve the individual’s normal walking gait. By encouraging more natural and successful movements, the Bioness foot drop system improves circulation and decreases muscle loss as it reteaches the muscles to move correctly.

The L300 foot drop system utilizes a wireless technology to detect when the foot leaves the ground and, using sensors, can make adjustments based on the terrain or gait speed. This is a significant advancement over the traditional brace that cannot compensate for terrain variations. The intuitive nature of the Bioness NESS L300 makes activities like climbing stairs and playing golf more enjoyable.

Individuals in Michigan using the NESS L300 foot drop system have, in many cases, eliminated the need for the more rigid ankle-foot orthosis or braces that were standard for treating the condition. In this respect, the Bioness is truly a revolutionary orthotic that has changed the way foot drop is treated. If you are interested in learning more about the Bioness NESS L300 please call of visit on of Teter Orthotics & Prosthetics 21 Michigan locations.

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