Arthritis Types

Arthritis is a form of joint inflammation that can be caused by a number of conditions. It is only after the underlying cause of joint inflammation is determined that an effective arthritis treatment pattern can be established. For this reason, you must know the type of joint inflammation problem you have and what exactly causes it.

The most common joint problem is osteoarthritis. This condition occurs when joint surface wears away causing a lot of pain and limited movement. Due to this wearing out, this condition is branded the name, ‘wear and tear’. It commonly occurs in the knee and hip joints. A brace may be worn to help support the affected joint. Knee braces in particular are a very common form of treatment.

The other two common joint problems are rheumatoid and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA). Both forms of arthritis are autoimmune conditions caused when the body attacks its own joints and soft tissues. JRA is common among children and adolescents and the most commonly affected joint is the knee.

The other common joint problems are lupus, pseudo gout, and gouty arthritis. When the body breaks down certain substances, a substance known as urate is formed. When this urate accumulates in the joints, the joint problem is referred to as gouty.  Gout commonly affects the knees and big toes. Pseudo gout on the other hand occurs when calcium accumulates in the joints.

Lupus arthritis is also an autoimmune condition, which occurs when the body attacks itself and that affects the wrists, hands, and knees. Joint inflammation can also be caused by infections and bleeding. When your joint problem is caused by an infection, the treatment is given depending on the cause of infection. In most cases, patients undergo surgery to remove the infection from the joint. Bleeding, which causes joint inflammation is mostly common among individuals with conditions like sickle cell and hemophilia. Blood accumulates in the joints causing a lot of pain and swelling. Fortunately, there are effective methods of treating joint inflammation by using splints, walkers, braces, and canes.

If you are living with arthritis the proper brace may enable you to accomplish more with less pain.  You can speak with someone from our experienced Teter Orthotics & Prosthetics team by selecting a Michigan location near you and giving us a call or stopping in for a free consultation.

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