Facts About Leg Amputation

Did you know:

•    The most common amputations are of lower limbs, the majority of which are due to irreparable damage caused by Peripheral Vascular Disease.  Peripheral Vascular Disease, or PVD, comprises the circulation in the lower limbs, leading to slower wound-healing time and greater vulnerability to infections. PVD is usually linked to other diseases such as diabetes, atherosclerosis and Buerger’s disease. Having one of these other illnesses can make rehabilitation difficult for the amputee.
Leg amputation is also performed to remove tumors.

•    An individual who has had a leg amputation may experience phantom pain and/ or phantom sensation.  Phantom pain is very real and correlates directly with the degree of pain endured before the amputation.  The pain gradually decreases over time.  Individuals experiencing phantom sensation have no real pain, but the amputated limb feels as if it is truly there.

•    Caring for the amputation is vitally important, particularly if the amputee wants to utilize prosthesis.  The skin of the amputation stump comes in contact with the prosthetic limb, so any redness, swelling or irritation can lead to skin breakdown and inability to use the prosthetic, hindering successful rehabilitation.

•    Maintaining a balanced diet and a healthy body weight are essential to preventing problems when using leg prosthesis. Caloric needs are calculated based on segmental weights, or the weights of individual body segments.  So a full leg amputation would require an amputee to maintain a body weight that is 16% less than their previous body weight.  Below the knee amputations would require 5.9% less body weight.

Amputation is creates physical and emotional challenges for the amputee. Teter Orthotics & Prosthetics specializes in helping amputees regain confidence and an active lifestyle.  Please call or visit us at one of the 20 Michigan locations near you.

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